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Most professional staff and administrators. Very kind, thoughtful, and caring employees here. The facility is always clean, well organized, freshly painted, and sanitized daily. My Mother is satisfied on all levels of her physical therapy here. She enjoys the other patrons living here and they all like the meals. I highly recommend Hunters Creek Nursing and Rehab Center.
D Gerard Elliott
I recommend this facility for rehab. I couldn’t walk when I came in and in 4weeks I walked out. The staff is excellent. They took wonderful care of you. My aid that had me everyday was the best. I would definitely come back here if I needed rehab again.
Nancy Haven
Admin staff was very efficient with the admission from the hospital. They took care to cover every aspect of the process from admit to discharge. The Rehab Team was very good with my Mom to help her get stronger so she could come home. The Nursing Staff overall was very good. But there were some problems with communication between Family members. This was addressed with Admin at discharge. I really feel that most Nursing staff did a great job. I am grateful to every one that helped my Mom come home. Thank you
Chris Gonyea
I could not have better decision when I determined that my mother Maria would be transferred from the hospital to Hunter’s Creek Nursing &Rehab Facility. When she arrived there, my mother was not able to walk and a week later today she was able to walk 50 feet because the Fisioterapy team (Ray and team) is doing an amazing job. The nurses are real ANGELS ( J.J, Sheila, Mayra), and the others that I wish to know all their names who give their time to worry about the others and get happy when they see the improvement. They are always on top of everything. The patients, cleaning, food.Everything is absolutely amazing. Michelle, Cathy and the team always help with meetings notify you of all the progress and help with the insurance as well. I do not have enough words to say all my gratitude to the Army of ANGELS from Hunters Creek Nursing Rehab where my mother is felling well and happy. THANK YOU. Claudio Oliveira
Claudio Oliveira
I can’t express how GRATEFUL I am for Hunter’s Creek Nursing Care that they have been providing for my Mom ! Thank you from the bottom of my family’s heart ❤️
Dorothy Ellenore
At first I thought I was going to be disappointed because I was going to be aced in a nursing home little at a time the nurses and staff have become more than just a staff in the facility they've become family. When it comes to food I am really Picky all it took was for me to talk to the kitchen and they were able to make accommodations for my liking. My favorite is the chocolate pudding. This is my forever home until the lord carry me out.
phyllis niehoff
This is per my mom, Alma Avila. My father had a long illness and spent a large amount of his time at this facility before he passed. We rate the facility overall very highly, and he was kept comfortable in his time there. The maintenance of grounds/interior was excellent, and the cafeteria staff and food were also very good. We want to specifically thank Heidy, the wound nurse for her patient, caring and gentle manner in which she cared for my father. We would highly recommend her for anyone that would need wound related services and are very grateful for the time we spent with her. Thank you. Edit: This is just an additional list of people my mom would like to recognize for offering outstanding, compassionate, gentle and caring service during my fathers stay: Lizette, receptionist, 5 star service and Jose; Cierra in admissions; Michelle/Cathy in social services; Ruben in laundry; Ray in maintenance, Ann/Jessica in financial, Cally Wang in physical medicine and rehabilitation/Medrina, Alma in OT, Marie D/Jackie/Vivian/Nadera/Shiela/Maxine all CNAS, Myra/Merlene/Caroline/Andres/Nancy/Jasmine/Wes all nurses, Carol in dietary kitchen, and Bertrude/Joni in director of nursing unit. Thanks again.
Daniel Avila
My name is Gary Harris I will like to say a few things. About hunters, Creek nursing and rehab facility. I have been to a couple nursing facilities Before and they were Adequate for my needs. Little did I know? That There was this Extraordinary nursing facility Call Hunters Creek nursing and rehab center. I arrived There on 9/11 Where the staff took me in. And immediately made me feel welcome. My stay Here will definitely Give me the tools. To take care of myself when I'm discharged. I'd like to give a special thanks. To the administration department. Rose, Milly, And of course, Ciera, For Helping Me To navigate The entire experience. I would recommend Hunter Creek nursing and rehab center,but Let me not Forget the The professionals That took care Of my needs on a Day-to-day BasisNurse MyraNurse JJ And of course. The CNA's Sheila And Nadera. Needless to say, I would recommend hunter's Creek nursand rehab cento my Family and my friends.
I recently had the pleasure of visiting Hunter's Creek Nursing and Rehab Center and I must say that my experience exceeded all expectations. From the moment I walked through the doors, I was greeted with warmth and professionalism. Ciera and Jose, the staff members who gave me a tour of the facility, were incredibly knowledgeable, friendly, and accommodating. One of the first things that struck me about Hunter's Creek Nursing and Rehab Center was its immaculate cleanliness. The facility was spotless from top to bottom, reflecting a strong commitment to maintaining a hygienic and comfortable environment for the residents. The attention to detail in cleanliness truly speaks volumes about the level of care provided. Speaking of care, the residents at Hunter's Creek Nursing and Rehab Center appeared genuinely content and well taken care of. It was evident that the staff members were dedicated to meeting the needs and enhancing the quality of life for each individual. The compassion and respect shown towards the residents were truly commendable. The amenities and services available at Hunter's Creek Nursing and Rehab Center are nothing short of impressive. The facility offers a wide range of activities and programs tailored to the residents' interests and abilities. From therapeutic recreation to physical therapy, it is evident that the staff goes above and beyond to ensure that residents have access to the resources they need to thrive. Additionally, the dining experience at Hunter's Creek Nursing and Rehab Center is exceptional. The meals are delicious, well-balanced, and nutritious, catering to a variety of dietary needs. The staff pays attention to individual preferences and dietary restrictions, ensuring that each resident's specific needs are met. Overall, my visit to Hunter's Creek Nursing and Rehab Center left me thoroughly impressed. The facility's commitment to cleanliness, the genuine care provided by the staff, and the overall well-being of the residents were evident at every turn. I would highly recommend this facility to anyone seeking compassionate and top-notch care for their loved ones. Kudos to Ciera, Jose, and the entire team at Hunter's Creek Nursing and Rehab Center for their unwavering dedication to providing exceptional service and creating a warm and inviting atmosphere for all residents.
Scott Grant
Overall the nursing staff and CNAs took care of my mom well during her sub-acute recovery of PT and OT. Michelle, Social Worker and Emily PT were helpful. The main issues I had was Hunters Creek needed to be communicative and engaging with the family on all fronts. Needs improvement.
Rhonda HG
KUDOS and thanks for the staff for providing supreme quality customer service and tender loving care for my godfather Robin Feldman ! This nursing home and rehabilitation center is top-notch! The food here is delicious and excellent! The service is above and beyond! They truly care about their patients.
Jeremy Lam
Although my dad wasn’t accepted due to them mot in contract with my dads insurance. I was impressed with the help and knowledge given to me by admissions she did say she was new but knew so much of what I needed for my dad. Very apologetic in not being able to help me more but she did help me the best she can. The other you g lady in admission was also very sweet. Spoke to her on the phone and she was great! I would have loved my dad to be in this facility and will absolutely share information about hunters creek with others that I know may benefit from them.
Luis Oyola
Wile I was a resident at this facility, I found the entire, to be extremely helpful and competent. I would like to express special thanks to my Physical Therapists Leilah,Tyrone also to my nurse Ostalina and Social Services Michelle and the receptionist Lissette who were all extremely helpful and deserve recognition.
Karen Chandler
great care, great communication. I am pleased with the service provided. always respectful.
Luis Robles
Hi my name Geo Serrano and my mother-in-law we're trying to admit her to the facility, hunters Creek, nursing rehab center two weeks before my wife and I stop by to do a walk-through and the receptionist Lisette greet us with a professional smile, her eyes, a small, red along. It was all true blue the place the aroma of different flowers in every folio. There was one nurse that I observed, as I was doing a walk-through with Ciera one of the administrators, very fine professional lady all that she indicated that they all work as one no matter what department they come from in the facilities, but most of all is the help that they give you the knowledge so you could overcome bringing in your family member I was totally please in contempt from Shannon and Ciera the administration office to the receptionist, Lissette, and from the department of Jessica from of Billing I am overwhelmed with so much to say, and there's not enough words that this should be a paradise for all incoming family members And I put an amen on that
Geo Serrano
I want to say how amazing the staff is at Hunter’s creek nursing and rehab center the transition from New York to orlando was so smooth thanks to Jose ,Ciera, Michelle,Jessica,lisette
Gladys Castaneda
Hunter’s Creek Nursing and Rehab center has been amazing! The director is so incredibly kind and caring and walked us through all of the paper work and steps to getting our precious Abuelita the care she needed. She has enjoyed her time there thus far and has been getting excellent care. We highly recommend this place to everyone and their families.
Jennifer Castaneda
Because of this facility and staff members, I have been able to get stronger and gain more confidence with walking alone and doing things on my own. The staff here at this facilty makes you feel like family, you will not feel like just a patient in the bed. I was at this facility prior to this admission this time and when I went back to the hospital I requested to go right back to Hunters Creek Nursing and Rehab Center because I know they will provide me with the best care. Amazing staff and rehab!!! BECAUSE OF THIS FACILITY I AM ABLE TO WALK AGAIN !!
Maureen Costagliola
Finally, a safe place for Dad! From Ciera (the Admissions Coordinator) to Jose (the Administrator) we felt like Dad was going to be in great and caring hands. The neighborhood is beautiful and convenient, the facility is clean, comfortable, and well run, and the nursing staff is both gentle and kind. Thank you. We can finally sleep at night!
Karan Lee Wienker
Great job in helping my wife recover from a long term illness. Great Staff. Thanks Way too many names to mention.
Dennis Kent
My Mother stayed there due to her falling and not being able to walk. She showed improvement in her walking and speech. She enjoyed all the activities that were offered and the people who work there.
Joseph Pembroke
My mother stayed here for over a month for rehabilitation. The staff was so kind and caring for her. The activities were amazing. I never knew my mother like to color! She brag about winning bingo, even though my mom is in a wheelchair they always managed to get her where she needed to be. The physical therapist worked with her daily. The caring doctor and administrators were amazing. Thank you!
Katie Smith
My mother was sent here for rehab The staff treated her like family She loved the activities and the food The place is clean and safe
Anna Ritter
My mom went to this rehab. The staff treated her very well. The atmosphere was very pleasant. The therapy she received helped her improve physically and mentally. She enjoyed the food and the activities kept her engaged.
Cris Pembroke
Nursing staff took great care of my father-in-law. Therapy department was able to motivate him to walk more.
Shannon Costanzo
Nursing staff was very kind and friendly to me and especially my mom. They were patient with all my questions.
Danny Costanzo
This rehab facility pay attention to their patients and residents. Everyday you can see the hard work of everyone from the CNA’s,LPN’s ,RN’s , PT’s, OT’s, ST’s and the all other staff that I didn’t mentioned . The care for each resident that came to that building is astounding . I recommend Hunter’s Creek Rehab for everyone that needs Short term care and Long term care .
Marion Vasquez
Very friendly and professional atmosphere
Suzette Hille
I recently starting working here. The Director of nursing is very knowledgeable. The rehab space is the largest I’ve ever worked at. Been in the business 27+ years
Tami Whitson
Great facility, awesome care!!
Cynthia Banegas
Great facility with amazing staff.
Marcus Smith-Jackson
Wow, I want to say to everyone who reads this statement, I am a former patient who was hospitalized for 3 months in the rehabilitation process, where I suffered severe burns on my body, and had the best care of my life with caregivers, nurses, therapists and doctors visiting me daily and monitoring my evolution day by day. I have a very special affection for them and I highly recommend, you can entrust your family member to their care, which will be well attended.
Yama designer
Great Staff. An outstanding customer experience
Joseph Perry
Carol Grant, is the name of a great employee at Hunter's Creek Nursing and Rehab Center. She is patient, always kind. Never Have I met someone so passionate about her job... Carol's work is exemplary and I can't tank her enough for what she has done for me.
Sandra Albuquerque
It's been a very interesting experience. In the six months that I've been here, the girls in Activities room have been real dolls. Ermaury and Claudia. In the business office Nelly Rojas.for her support and kindness. Also Gennevie Cintron in speech therapy, Brenda and Rachel Boivin. Jeff and Leyla Levonne. And especially Randall Blue for his kindness and understanding.
Robert Rivera
I wish to extend my gratitude to everyone at Hunters Creek Nursing & Rehab Center in Orlando, Florida for maintaining such a wonderful environment for my mother. Everyone has been wonderful in providing great assistance for the transition to the facility and supporting all our process and document needs. They have been readily available for all questions we have and the updates on my mother’s health have been exemplary. I have been working with a relative, who is a retired Head Nurse, County Nurse along with being a seasoned Professor of Nursing. My assessment of services provided has been a cumulative group assessment, which exceeds all expectations. We are very grateful for the Pandemic rules that are being enforced for the best care possible. We call my mother frequently and discuss with the nursing staff directly on a very regular basis. We are contacted of all significant changes in health and wellbeing immediately and the plan for resolutions, with consistent status updates throughout the process. During my mothers stay, the rehab team and the other staff have been working to remove from the feeding tube dependency. It was just confirmed as success today as she is eating again without complications. Great Job to the complete team support.
Dennis Bungert
todos dan buenos servicios a los pacientes.
Hector L. Rivera Figueroa
I have been to this facility multiple times to do volunteer work and it’s always very clean and nice and the staff is wonderful. I really like spending time with the residence as well. It’s didn’t feel like a skilled facility like most others I have been to. It looks and feels more like a resort.
Collin Cook
I visit the facility pretty often. It's a very nice environment and the facility is very well kept.
Bexel Chaotic
Hunters Creek Nursing Home is the absolute best and safest place to be for anyone who requires there services. My Mom was brought here and we were nervous but let me tell you we met a man named Chris Dawkins who has made us feel very safe and secure knowing that my mom was going to be okay. We have been here for weeks and Chris and his staff continues to welcome us with smiles and makes us feel at home. Thank you again Chris and your AMAZING staff for everything !!!
Jerome Lennon
I recently had knee replacement surgery and decided to go into a Rehab/Nursing home for the first two weeks. I had my other knee done two years ago and knew what was involved in the recovery. After looking at three rehab/nursing facilities, I selected Hunters Creek Nursing & Rehab Center. It's very clean, the staff is helpful and physical therapy/occupational therapy was awesome. I had physical therapy and/or occupational therapy approximately one hour a day for 6 days a week. If you've had a knee replacement, you know that the goal is to bend your knee at least to 120 degrees. When I left the rehab center (two weeks later), I was already bending it to 90 degrees. That really gave me a great place to start at now that I'm getting at home physical therapy. There is certain staff that truly touched my heart. They took great care of me and were so kind. I hope I'm remembering everyone, but if I forgot someone's name, please know I did appreciate all your help. My thanks especially go out to Bernadette (Director of Nursing), Dynice (Admissions), Chris (Social Services) and everyone in Physical therapy/occupational therapy, I appreciated all the efforts of the nutrient team who worked so hard with me to help me find food selections that worked for me. (FYI - they are open to suggestions. Also, remember you could always bring food from home, or order from Uber Eats or DoorDash if the food isn't to your liking.) The nursing staff was absolutely the best - Magdali, Chantel, Nancy, Precious, Prudence, Marie, Rose and a very special thank you to Sam and Margaret Chelekatt who were absolutely wonderful. A note to all - Sometimes we go into this type of facility and we are cranky or don't want to be there and it's all too easy to take it out on staff. I found that being pleasant and letting the staff know how much I appreciated all they were doing for me was really appreciated by them! They work hard and they have many residents/patients to take care of. So next time you want to scream or complain, try to remember that a little kindness goes a long way. Thanks!
Judy Mazurick
** Please read carefully ** My Father was admitted into Hunters Creek 5 months ago.The truth about this facility and your loved one. There are so many pros and cons about nursing homes and rehab facilities. I will give you my “honest” opinion about Hunters Creek the good and the bad. First and foremost family (meaning YOU) reading this need to be as dedicated to your loved one as Hunters Creek facility will be. My Father has been in and out of the hospital and nursing homes since 2017. As my Fathers son & POA, I have been with him every step of the way. So believe me when I say I know many nursing homes through central Florida and how they operate. Communications: The most important thing with nursing homes is communication and YOU being involved. Hunters Creek does communicate. Five star Admission and Payments: Nelly has always responded to all my payment concerns and really knows what she is doing when it comes to insurance, Medicare, Medicaid, AARP and supplements. Nelly five star Certified Nurse Assistant: (CNA) The trouble with most CNA’s they come from a foreign country and do not read, write, speak or understand the English language. This is why YOU need to be involved. My Father is blessed to have Prudence as his CNA; she is very passionate, persistent, loves working with the elderly. Hunters Creek is very lucky to have Prudence five star***** Nurses: The Director of nursing Bernadette and her team of nurses. Kayla, Magaly (Maggie), Saria (Sara) and lead nurse Luz are outstanding and do everything in their power to make sure your loved one gets what they need. These nurses have a full plate. Luz the lead nurse and I are always in contact. My Father has many health issues so having Luz understanding my concerns and working with me is a major plus. I truly appreciate Bernadette and her team of nurses. Five star Doctors: My Fathers Primary doctor Dr. Soto. Trying to get her to understand and listen to the family member who is involved the most (ME) has been challenging to say the least. Dr. Soto is only at the facility 2 times a week and this frustrates me. In my father’s case because of the lengthy response times and the doctor absence, I have admitted my Father twice to the Emergency room. Had I waited any longer the infections would have over taken him. I am hoping we can resolve our communication issues moving forward. Dr. Soto is three star Physical therapy PT: Lilah the director of PT is such a great part of the facility. Lilah has only been there for a short period and is excited about helping your loved one. I have had the pleasure of working with Levonne & Emily PT techs on Lilah’s team. Emily is super respectful and knowledgeable of patients and their behaviors. Levonne has a more stern approach, which, sometimes, comes off as disrespectful. Levonne is still a good tech and I understand the frustrations when trying to help someone when they are or are not in their right mind. Lilah’s team four star Social Services: I have been dealing with Chris D. and when it comes to getting things done he is the person who can do it. Chris is constantly working around the facility doing something to help make someone’s life much easier every day. Chris has helped my Father & I a few times now. What a great person to have on your team. Chris five star Administrator: I have meet with Michael in the hallways a few times and every time he is very respectful. Michael is a nice family man with a good vision. Congrats, Michael your facility is one of the best around and I am glad my Father is in the hands of your professionals. Some areas may need work. Everyone is doing his or her part to make you & your facility look it’s very best. Hunters Creek five star. Bottom Line: I highly recommend Hunters Creek. This place is a beautiful facility. The Nurses, CNA’s, Doctors, Administrations, All are genuine people and love helping your family member. Even when times are more complicated, they are there to help. Thank you JB
Jason Bing
So clean, The Food was Delicious the day of my Visit!
JB P123
My mom is a returning patient to this facility the staff and everyone who works in this facility are such wonderful people they make my mom feel as if she at home you guys are amazing thanks
sewdayal rampersaud
I have been a health care provider for over 20 years and have worked at Hunter's Creek for 4 months. I have been impressed since my first days here with the attention to details provided by the rehab and nursing staff to their patients individualized needs. The management team strives daily to make sure patients needs and family concerns are met with the utmost of dignity and respect. While no place is perfect, this facility always looks at ways to make things better and to maximize the outcomes for patients who pass through short term as well as for their long term care residents. The building is clean and the food is good with the dietary department striving to make good tasting healthy meals that meet patient specific preferences. If you want to send your loved one to a solid facility with people who truly care, come for a tour and see for yourself.
Lilah Brand
Out of all the facilities i have been too and even worked in this is the nicest one i have seen and been to. The facility is very well kept and managed. When i pulled up to the facility for the first time I was in shock of how nice it looked. As i walked through the facility i saw many smiling faces and every worker was busy doing their jobs. All the patients looked great and many were enjoying activities. The food looked very delicious and appetizing. One of top nursing facilities in the area i can easily say.
Thee Mua