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My first experience with this place was bringing my mother to her appointment's. From the moment you walk in it's like family is greeting you. The therapy she received was excellent. So much so, that when it came time for myself needing care I didn't hesitate to come here. Mark is great and so is Luis as I'm sure the other young ladies working there are.
Sonia Perez
It was my first Physical Therapy experience. The whole process was amazing. From the reception desk to the therapists, I felt that they cared and were genuinely invested in my recovery.
Marlynn Estrada
Louis is so very caring and friendly.. my overall experience was so at ease and Im so happy this is the place for my mother’s physical therapy.. Her physical therapist is the best..
Carmaleta Hampton
Great family atmosphere, always helpful! Probably will go back b/c I’m not getting any younger and that’s just fine!
Jim Bernier
Thank you for give me back my knee, my walking and my heart.
Monica Restrepo
Everybody is great at this facility starting at reception. All of the employees are very nice to my mother and I am glad this was the facility assigned to her for her physical therapy
Aaron Serrano
Mark and his staff are super knowledgeable! They are professional and very engaged in getting you better. I highly recommend this practice!
Robin Pace
PTS is the right choice if you're looking for very knowledgeable, caring and compassionate Physical Therapists who are dedicated to helping you achieve your goals. When I called to make my first appointment I spoke with Luis, who was very welcoming and patient as I worked through the challenges of getting my doctor's orders to him. Next, I met Mark and I immediately knew that I'd selected the right practice and person to help me. I've had ongoing issues with both my back and neck and was seeing Mark for my neck. I'm hopeful that with the hands on therapy, as well as the exercises and stretching he taught me, I'll continue to be pain free. Mark really listened to me, heard my concerns, and treated me as an individual. If I need physical therapy in the future I will definitely return to PTS.
Mark and the staff do a great job,
Walter Veranda
I presented myself to Physical Therapy Specialists (Hunters Creek) following a major foot/ankle /surgery (rebuild) in Jan. 2019. My choice for PTS was based upon my surgeon's and friend's recommendations. My first visit I was thoroughly evaluated by Dr. Mark Mac Gregor and scheduled for a 2x week program. Dr. Mark immediately took charge in seeing that my care was gentle (this was a painful surgery) yet progressive. After the first month, I was handed off to another staff member who followed the program to a tee which equally helped in my recovery. As time moved on, It was very clear that Dr. Mark was constantly monitoring my progress. After 6 months of the programmed activity Dr. Mark evaluated my progress and, seeing that all goals were met, I was discharged.I have nothing but high praise and recommendation for Dr. Mark Mac Gregor and his skilled group of professionals. Their care and great personalities made for an enjoyable recovery.
Greg L
Best place that I have every used for physical therapy.
Scott Strehlow
This is a great team of physical therapists! I’m very happy with progress I made. Thanks Mark, Amber, Diana, Melissa, Stefan, and Luis!
Wendy Gallmeister
Entire staff was professional, friendly and knowledgeable. Therapy was for recovery from a ruptured Achilles tendon; I saw improvement after every visit. Also pleased with ease of scheduling appointments.
joe dilecce
After having knee replacement surgery, I was having severe pain issues. After discussing this with Mark, he did an assessment and designed a program to reduce the pain level as well as increase mobility. Within 48 hours the pain level started dropping and it was easier to walk. I also increased my distance walking and found less difficulty getting in and out of the car. Through the course of treatment, I met the entire staff, who were all courteous, caring and above all, professional. I have now completed treatment. I am pain free, totally mobile and ready to go back to work. A big thank you to Mark and his marvelous crew!
Lynne Richards
What a great team of physical therapists! I have utilized their services twice in the last couple of years and each time their efforts have been completely successful. Each time, I was seen primarily by Mark and he is incredible. The depth of knowledge of his craft is just amazing. He knew just how hard to push me to get the desired results and seemed to take my therapy sessions personally. On occasion I was also seen by Amber. Obviously, she can't match the years of experience of Mark, but well versed, very knowledgeable and extremely competent and caring. I would not hesitate to see Amber again in Mark's absence. Luis, who runs the office does a great job of scheduling and tracking appointments. With my varied schedule, I was amazed that he was always able to find an opening that worked for me. This team came very highly recommended from my orthopedist and I am proud to share the same high recommendation of them personally.
Tom Abrams
I injured my knee right after running a half marathon. Two months after, the pain kept getting worse, to the point I could not run, rolling in bed was painful, getting in and out of the car was a struggle, etc. After getting x-rays and hearing everything was "normal" I decided to go see a physical therapist. I am really happy with my decision of seeing this group pf physical therapists. I was seen by Mark. He is incredible and very knowledgeable. He was able to help me understand what was causing my pain with the ultimate goal of getting me back to running again. After two appointments, I started seeing results and after a month of physical therapy with Mark I am able to run and play soccer. He is truly amazing and I am grateful for helping me getting back to what I love to do the most!
Denisse Soltero
Good experience, very professional medical therapists. Very focused on their patients and one on one working with patients to ensure patients wellness. Good job! God bless!
Jessica M Turner
Always professional and effective. Wouldn't go anywhere else.
Hastings Henderson
If you want a stellar, caring, patient and motivating team, I highly recommend Physical Therapy Specialists at Hunter's Creek under the management of Mark. The atmosphere is encouraging, friendly and very clean. This is a first flight operation.
Dee Dombrowski
My therapist, Amber, is very hands-on, compassionate, caring, and most importantly, knowledgeable in areas surrounding specific needs no matter the patient's situation. We set goals and work hard at attaining those goals, both, at the facility and at home. Highly recommend PTS.
Nadyali Soto
Best service in the medical field
Professional, knowledgeable, compassionate – that’s what Mark and his team are all about. Great office hours, appointments were on time and they always made me feel welcome from the moment I arrived. They did a great job assessing where I was in my recovery – adapting the therapy as time progressed – encouraging and pushing me when needed. Facility is very well equipped, clean and the upbeat/friendly atmosphere really made my therapy sessions a positive experience. I highly recommend Mark and his team.
Sherri Johns
After fracturing my shoulder in January, I was still experiencing a lot of pain and not able to move my arm or shoulder by late April. I was hesitant to do therapy, but finally accepted a referral with Mark MacGregor at PTS Hunters Creek. Mark and his staff work as a "Team" and were wonderful! From the ease of scheduling my appointments to the care I received from everyone, it was an extremely pleasant experience. I was always seen promptly at my scheduled time. Although Mark was my primary therapist, the entire staff worked to make sure every minute of every session was utilized to work toward the overall goals set for my recovery. The facility was very clean and organized. I would highly recommend them.
claudia lane
Mark's, and his team's, treatment of me exceeded expectations. Going to PTS was more like going to visit an extended family. Their level of knowledge, care, and professionalism were on point; but, at the same time, my sessions were fun and challenging. I would have no hesitation recommending PTS to anyone. Should I ever need them again, I will be a patient for life. Thanks!
cameron Melvin
I had a total knee replacement in August. I would never consider going to any other therapy group. They had treated me for scoliosis previously. Mark and and his wonderful group of therapists are so caring and compassionate. They custom fit each patient’s therapy according to the patient’s needs and abilities. I would highly recommend Mark and his team to anyone needing physical therapy. Pat Baligian
Arlin Baligian
The feeling is very welcoming once you walk in the door. Nate at the front desk is exceptional at working around my work schedule. Also, Mark and his team of therapist are first class! They’re very informative, my physician was very pleased on my progression.
William P
I owe my life to the wonderful ppl at PTS ,I thought I was never going to walk again and they really made a miracle on me,thank u guys I will never forget it.
Chris Mist
Great place to go for physical therapy! You can tell they care and make sure they do their best to help you heal. Everyone is nice and welcoming. Mark was able to figure out what was causing my pain and what we need to do to help me recover. I would recommend these specialist to Anyone needing physical therapy.
M Kelly
Personable, knowledgeable and dedicated to your recovery.
Gordy Haynes
Mark is fantastic because he's not only hands on, but does motion tests to identify where the problem may be coming from during the first visit. No other physical therapists in my life accomplished such assessment nor were they hands on. I was in NC then. Mark was the first to actually use his hands to help me with motion during my treatments. I use to refuse physical therapy because I was only taught how to do exercise, accomplished them during my appointment and was sent home without the therapists helping me with motions. It was such as waste, until my ortho Dr asked me if I would give PTS a try because they ARE different. I accepted his recommendation and now that is the only place I'll go from here on. It will always be Mark who I'll request, but if he's not available, I won't be opposed to having one of his staff work on my issues.
Mary McGriff
This place is great from the moment you call to walking in you have Luis taking great care of you ...never late if someone is late it’s me..kkk..All the therapists are fantastic and caring...they don’t rush...they answer every question..they are very social.if I can give them 10 thumbs up I the way I feel great
PaPa Dad
The entire team here has been great to work with and through some difficult times. From gaining simple increased mobility to "normal" daytime activities, PTS has provided superb professional care.
Mr Bob
I have been to other places for therapy but this place is the best! Everyone is so nice and they care about you!
Rachel Santiago
The team here is very professional and caring. They work like a well oiled machine. They pay attention to details. Their primary goal is to make sure their patients are making progress and adjust care plans based on individual patient needs. I had seen Mark several years ago and when I found that I needed PT again, I immediately reached out to him to provide my care. This entire group is top notch!!
JA Brennan
I chose this place based on location and didn't have any expectations--the staff blew me away! They are so kind and really make you feel welcome. They also are really good at creating a therapy program based on your goals and what you are capable of--even on a week by week basis.
Stacey Cole
I have used Physical Therapy Specialists of Hunters Creek for two different conditions. The first time, I had a slight tear in my shoulder, and my doctor recommended physical therapy instead of surgery. He sent me to Mark MacGregor, the head of PTS. He did a thorough exam of my shoulder and came up with a plan that had my shoulder back to 100 percent in short order. The second time was when I broke my back, and the surgeon recommended physical therapy after he operated on me. I knew who I wanted to go to, and he approved. Again, I saw Mark and he came up with a plan that had me back to normal in short order. So I highly recommend Mark MacGregor and his associates at Physical Therapy Specialists of Hunters Creek.
Eugene Belanger
The care I received at PTS of Hunter's Creek is second to none. Not only is the team the most professional I've encountered, but also the most caring. They listened to my complaints and focused on my every need. In the past 4 years I've been treated by 3 other PT groups and none have come close to PTS.Thank you so much for all your help.
Rose Portanova
I've attended PTS for over 2 yrs the staff has always made me feel as if I am not just another patient. Their commitment to personally tending to every individual patients needs is something that is hard to find anywhere else. The staff truly cares about its patients and their overall satisfaction.
carolina brito
I am grateful for the attention and great work/teamwork I was given. I personally looked forward to my appointments. I will pass the word to others who are in need of physical therapy.Thank you
Sandra Cruz-Garcia
Some of the most caring and professional people I ever met. Their teamwork is evident and their commitment to their clients is consistent.
David Buchman
If you're looking for experienced, caring, knowledgeable, therapists, this is the place to be. Slowly but surely I have faith that they will get me back to where I was. #comebackgirl